About Us

Phalke Farm’s Chickoochi Wadi is the dream visioned by Shri Shivaji Phalke 27 yrs before. As he believes in organic farming which gives natural and strong health benefits for human as well environment, this belief is continued by his son Shri Ashok Phalke.

Chickoochhi Wadi is an exotic destination situated along the Nagar-Pune highway at Chas village, 100 Km from Pune and 15 Km from Ahmadnagar city.

Chickoochi Wadi is a rejuvenation point apart from daily tough routines to provide excellent relaxation, surrounded by lush greenery containing variety of fruit orchids.

Here we provide delicious and spicy traditional Maharashtrian food which includes Pithla, Chulivarchi Bhakri, Special Yesur Amti and Rice, Zanzanit Thecha, Mathatle Malai Dahi and much more that you always wanted to feast on.

Unveil the forgotten rural lifestyle with the best of services and care.

Agro Tourism

Agro tourism is the concept of visiting a working farm / horticulture for the purpose of enjoyment, education and active involvement of the farm which encourages visitors to experience agricultural life at first stand.

Chickoochi Wadi is the place where one gets to enjoy the paradise of nature with a clean atmosphere, away from pollution as well as stressful city life.

We introduce you to the world of Organic farming, a concept widely recognized in the modern world. Under this concept we had been satisfying our valued customers since 2014 with organic 'Hurda Party'.

After a pleasant satisfaction of our valued customers, we are stepping into the Agro Tourism with the unique concept of Chickoochi Wadi.

Here we provide all the required facilities essential to enjoy the rural life. A day stay here, we will give you introduction to varied rural games such as Marbles, Lagori, Rope-pull, Hide and seek, Gilli-Danda, etc.